Refactoring equality in the technology industry.


EthicalCode is a coming together of likeminded people in the technology industry to highlight and combat sexism, racism, homophobia, and any kind of exclusive behavior within it.

Hello, I’m Ben. I’ve been kicking around the ‘tech industry’ for a while now - having started life as one of those young coders, started businesses, worked at corporates, and had the pleasure of working with some truly excellent people.

As I’ve traversed the mire of conferences and events that come with the world of software, and as I’ve embraced online social networks, I’ve met some truly brilliant and talented people.


The more people I meet, and the more events I go to, the uglier this great industry seems. Sexism is everywhere. Homophobia is commonplace. Racism is found where you least expect it. From booth babes to inappropriate ‘humour’, working in technology has become thoroughly unpleasant.

But I love software. I love people. I love that, through technology, we can change the world - and the people who build, who create, who DO - we are the ones that can truly make a difference to everyone’s lives.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to help others (and myself) change the world through the power of software - and now, I’m turning my attention where I feel it’s needed the most.

Closer To Home

There have been so many examples of terrible things happening - at events, within teams, anywhere that people get together and write software. There are a ton of blogs and twitter feeds that highlight these, and they do a great job of showing off specific instances of horrible behavior and general ignorance.

I believe, however, that naming and shaming isn’t the right answer. Until we all stand together, shout together, and act together, nothing will change. The ignorant will stay ignorant. Misogynists will still mysogonise. Haters, as they say, gonna hate.

This, then, is EthicalCode. A banner under which people can come together - be it at events or online - and stand for what is right. Talk with confidence and pride about a future free from fear and repression. Be themselves - no matter what - and show the world how diverse and inclusive this industry can be.

I don’t know exactly what shape things will take. I don’t know how big an impact EthicalCode can really be. What I do know, though, is that we can be better than this. All of us. And through education, discussion, and positive action, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

No excuses, no compromise. This community is full of so many brilliant people - let’s put an end to inequality, together.